Lisa Hill-Pierce



**"I can recommend Lisa Hill-Pierce hands down (all puns intended)!  I have been getting massages from her for nearly 10 years - for the most part, I go every 4-5 weeks.  When I was working in high tech AND running marathons, I went weekly.  I've referred several friends and co-workers.  When my mom comes for a visit from New England, I send her to Lisa (& About Face) as a treat & belated birthday gift.

Regardless of massage "modalities," the first question that Lisa always asks is "what's going on with your body?"  It would be easy for her to be on "auto-pilot" with me at this point, but she isn't.  She is present and thoughtful with respect to each session.  She is also interested in me as a person - what is going on that creates physical pain & tension, what to remember to keep my body feeling better in between sessions.

When I was running long-distance, it was very much a heavy-duty sports massage - it felt great to have someone really work those big tired leg muscles.  She knew what she was doing from a massage AND a running standpoint (she had also been involved in Team in Training).

When I was under high stress at work, the approach was much more subtle.  I had so much tension & pain in my neck and shoulders that they hurt to the touch.  Lisa would find ways of "sneaking up" on them (e.g., loosening up the back and nearby muscles first).  She would also use lavender and rosemary, whatever aroma causes your brain to give up some pain & tension and submit!

Now, I'm in the mode of low-stress, taking care of myself.  I still go every 4-5 weeks as a treat and of making my body remember good alignment. I started yoga about a year ago and her treatment has been very complimentary to my practice - e.g., incorporating breathing and core strength.

I've used spa services and get facials regularly at other places.  I find Lisa's prices to be incredibly reasonable in comparison.  The only nit, sometimes, is the setting - the acupuncture office is not the most luxurious place and noise from this Lincoln Ave building occasionally intrudes.  Lisa has done a lot with her room to compensate for this - music, scents, and of course, wonderful massage."

Barbara J


**"Lisa offers the most amazing, healing massage at a very reasonable price...$85 for a full hour. I am a real wimp when it comes to physical pain, but I refuse to pay good money for a wimpy "spa" massage....I want a massage that actual does some good.

Lisa customizes the massage to my needs, to make sure she's working on the areas most in need of healing. And when I walk out after my massage, I feel wonderful"

Julia O

A truly healing massage at an affordable price is what Lisa delivers, and I'm so grateful she's close by in Willow Glen...and I'm especially grateful for the free parking behind the building!"


**"Lisa is amazing. When I first went to her I could barely write due to the pain from my tendonitis. She took the time to find out what was going on with my body and explained how my job (eyelash extension specialist) was contributing to the pain. She listened to all my concerns and was genuinely concerned about me. She gave me a deep tissue massage that was unlike any other I have ever had. When I walked out that day, the burning sensation in my arms was completely gone. I have since gone back and the pain in my arms is greatly diminished. I can't say enough about how great she is. Lisa also has a very warm personality that puts you at ease immediately. I would recommend her to anyone!!!"

Kristen D


**"I have been getting deep tissue massage from Lisa for over 10 years now.  After each session, I feel energized and rejuvenated.  She has a deep understanding of the body and knows just how to help me release tension where I need it the most.  Lisa's "Healing Touch" is truly the best!"

Bianca M


**"I injured my back putting in a new patio last spring.  I was in horrible pain and went to my Doctor to get relief- she suggested that I get a treatment with Lisa.  I was skeptical that massage would help but I couldn't believe how much relief I felt after one session.  My wife has gone to her as well and loved the hot stone massage.  I never thought I'd say this but I'm getting one massage a month and loving it!  I've referred several of my weekend warrior pals to Lisa and they all love her."

Allan H